Presidential Impeachment: The Fall of Biden's Presidency

We are a leaderless nation. No, we are not the proverbial freight train heading for disaster. Worse. Rather we are a passenger loaded, well fueled, cockpit locked, pilot-less jetliner careening to earth. And few, contentedly watching TV in their buckled seats seem to realize it. How is that possible? Oh yeah, the tribunals of truth, the NYT, WAPO, CNN and MSNBC don’t front page it. They work to divert our minds with endless chit-chat about the feigned seriousness of the Chinese Virus. Where are these media gurus when it comes to the real threats facing us all? The humanitarian disaster unfolding in Afghanistan. The border crisis getting worse daily. Inflation ravaging our country. Gas and food prices soaring. The housing market out of reach of middle-incomers. The crime wave pandemic in all our Progressive-run cities. The future is not a bright one.

Humanitarian Disaster In Afghanistan

Iran, Russia, China and North Korea, all subdued and forced to hide in their corners during the four years of the snarling, aggressive Trump years, are now licking their lips watching and waiting to pounce.

The Border Crisis

Even Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in leaked audio obtained by Fox News recently, acknowledged what anyone with eyes already knows: The massive influx of illegal migrants will come at a high cost to America.

Resurgence of Infection

“This is something that is so disgusting and disturbing of the Biden administration that they are refusing to protect the American citizens first by closing the border... Surges of COVID-19 can be directly attributed to these migrants that are coming in illegally crossing the border, and now Joe Biden’s solution is to what? Just offer them a vaccination? I mean, that’s something that clearly, I think this is a violation of his oath of office.” - Jenna Ellis.